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    Deluca Massage & Bodywork

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    Location: 2028 P St NW Washington, DC 20036 Phone: +12028725822
  • Jun Li Z.

    Jun Li Z.

    Fantastic service! Check in was super easy and simple - 1 form to fill out to describe your pain and why you are there.

    I signed up for the Deep Tissue Massage for 90 minutes with Eric. Really worth it.

    I've had upper back pain due to poor posture and sitting at the desk all day at work - has been chronic pain. He started out loosening my muscles after I told him where it hurts most. He then told me what the root cause was after analyzing the pain and told me to try yoga for long-term benefits.

    I walked out feeling a better range of motion and feeling much better. The difference between him and all the other PT places I've had was that he 'looked out' for me. He told me the root cause ( one leg shorter than the other), it was almost as if I was taking a lesson on how I could get better because you cannot simply go get massages every week - you have to learn to improve your posture yourself.

    Highly recommend!
  • Veronica V.

    Veronica V.

    Azziz is amazing!  I had a 90 minute massage with him and he worked my shoulders and back like crazy.  I'm so tight and knotted up that it's usually a bit amusing for a masseuse. I walked out feeling relaxed and way less tense. Azziz is by far one of the best masseuses I've had.
  • Liana B.

    Liana B.

    Today was my second time here. First time I had a foot massage with Osvaldo who was amazing and did a great job!!! and today when i needed a quick foot massage again , I decided to go back to Luca hoping to find Osvaldo available. Sadly he was not and I ended up having my massage with Tim who also did a good job. The place is very clean and inviting.
  • Ayanna E.

    Ayanna E.

    I love the spa very very much. It really gets into your joints and muscles to get all of the tension out. And they do great couples massages.
  • Lemon C.

    Lemon C.

    I had a much needed massage with Eric who discovered the cause of my pain and gave me a wonderful massage relieving my tension. He really does have a healing touch! He introduces himself with a hug and comes off as such a compassion person. He corrected my imbalance with his therapeutic massage.

    They should get a space heater in the waiting room, it was so cold I couldn't take off my coat.
  • Chanel J.

    Chanel J.

    The staff was really sweet, I came to get a Massage and body scrub, I filled out my paperwork, met with my guy (ANDERSON) who was FANTASTIC !, He made sure I was really comfortable got all the kinks out of my body and even taught me a few words in Portuguese, After my Massage I spoke with the Owner's brother and had to tell him How much I Loved it there ! I Will Definitely be back If/ When you go Request Anderson he has a ton of Experience and was vreally great. My boyfriend had Coco he said she was wonderful and really nice and great.
  • Maxine G.

    Maxine G.

    Deluca itself is a great location and the customer service is very kind! I had a one hour Swedish massage with Jackson. He is absolutely amazing - very conscientious about what exactly you would like him to focus on during the session, great conversation if you would like it, and the ambience is very soothing and relaxing. I came in with neck tension and wrist tendonitis. Jackson focused on these areas, applied as much or as little pressure as I wanted him to, and left me feeling brand new.

    I will definitely be coming back for more!
  • Loren P.

    Loren P.

    Fantastic deep tissue massage. They fit me in last minute. I horrible before & amazing after. Very detailed & got ALL of my pain points.
  • Janki M.

    Janki M.

    Very nice and relaxing spa. I got a 60 min deep tissue and i wish it was longer because it was so great. Felt relaxed and happy after!
  • Allie S.

    Allie S.

    This was my first time here and it was excellent. I just wanted a chair massage and found that this place was only a few blocks from me. As soon as I walked in I was led to the chair massage room and had an excellent 20 minute chair massage. The place is very clean, well priced and conveniently located. I look forward to returning for a one hour massage.
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Sabrina Farmer
Sabrina Farmer
5 out of 5 stars
1 month ago
Super clean and totally worth the price! If you are skeptical and thinking about going some place cheaper - Don’t! Today was my first time visiting for a couples massage. Both of our masseuses were friendly, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. They frequently checked in to make sure the pressure was okay and our pain was being alleviated. A great experience overall. Super safe with Covid protocols as well!
Olivia Babine
Olivia Babine
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
Their interior is beautiful, comfortable, and very zen. They are a bit more expensive than their counterparts in Logan Circle but they are worth every penny. Especially after my former bad experiences with Illa Spa across the street. I got a 60-minute cranio-sacral therapy massage and it was amazing. They also have a whole bunch of other therapy options you don't come across a lot.
Francisco Ruscalleda
Francisco Ruscalleda
5 out of 5 stars
1 month ago
I have been going to Deluca for many years now. I am currently working with Lee and he has amazing techniques, especially for upper back. He found all the knots that I had and I melted on that table. There is a lot of silence which I appreciate, I am not there to make friends, I am at Deluca to get the best massage in town. Thank you so much Lee!
ro shi
ro shi
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
Two months ago I started going there for deep tissue massage with Eric, after few times visiting my issues were significantly improved! Also he gave me suggestions/tips for my routine exercise. Thank you Eric and I will be back! Also the place is clean and comfortable.
Sara Arango Garcia
Sara Arango Garcia
5 out of 5 stars
1 month ago
First time going here, and from the moment I went trough the door the vibe and the smell was heaven! And my massage therapist (Tranecia Williams) was awesome... made me feel out of this planet! Highly recommended 🍃❤️