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  • Deluca Massage & Bodywork

    Deluca Massage & Bodywork

    289 reviews
    Location: 2028 P St NW Washington, DC 20036 Phone: +12028725822
  • Claire T.

    Claire T.

    I had a foot massage- and left barely being able to feel my feet- I was in bliss!

    $50 for 30 mins, but worth every penny. The space Itself is a house with a nice waiting room with lots of magazines. The staff made me feel very at home. Incredibly rekax
  • A B.

    A B.

    Amazing therapist Louis- Thank you !
    I had been waking around with moderate pain for the past few weeks due to over exercising on my right side and had been hesitant to  see someone I didn't know( my massage therapist was on vacation) had massages forever and only deep tissue.
    Louis has not just the strength but great knowledge of physiology and anatomy and went to the trigger points and isolated the exact muscles that needed release. I had never felt better not only afterwards but the following day as if someone lifted an iron cover weighing on me! He is  truly a very knowledgable professional with genuine desire to help and a very caring person!
    The place is really nice, organized  and a lovely receptionist . Definitely coming back to this neighborhood place!
  • Nikita P.

    Nikita P.

    So I've had massages at a few places in DC and this place is the absolute best. The staff is friendly and knowledge. They have extended hours so you can always fit it in your schedule. My favorite therapist is Tim. If you need deep tissue - this is your man! I literally can't see myself going anywhere else. Plan to Uber or take metro because parking is not the best like visiting any other place in DuPont circle. However after you're done with your massage their are several great restaurants to visit in very close walking distance.

    I forgot to mention it is very easy to book your appointment online as well as pick your therapist.
  • Nora D.

    Nora D.

    Deluca has a lovely and low-key atmosphere. I had a 60 minute deep tissue massage with LaTrice and requested a focus on my back and neck to help with tension headaches. LaTrice was very receptive and did a wonderful job loosening up knots. I walked out feeling an inch taller. Thank you!
  • Liana B.

    Liana B.

    Today was my second time here. First time I had a foot massage with Osvaldo who was amazing and did a great job!!! and today when i needed a quick foot massage again , I decided to go back to Luca hoping to find Osvaldo available. Sadly he was not and I ended up having my massage with Tim who also did a good job. The place is very clean and inviting.
  • Chanel J.

    Chanel J.

    The staff was really sweet, I came to get a Massage and body scrub, I filled out my paperwork, met with my guy (ANDERSON) who was FANTASTIC !, He made sure I was really comfortable got all the kinks out of my body and even taught me a few words in Portuguese, After my Massage I spoke with the Owner's brother and had to tell him How much I Loved it there ! I Will Definitely be back If/ When you go Request Anderson he has a ton of Experience and was vreally great. My boyfriend had Coco he said she was wonderful and really nice and great.
  • Rob F.

    Rob F.

    Linyi gave an amazing massage. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great massage. She really helped to stretch my muscles and relieve tension.
  • Janki M.

    Janki M.

    Very nice and relaxing spa. I got a 60 min deep tissue and i wish it was longer because it was so great. Felt relaxed and happy after!
  • Little S.

    Little S.

    Wow best massage ever.  Had a 90 min massage with Luis.  He got all the knots out and the pressure was perfect.  I get a lot of massages and this is definitely my new go-to
  • Chianti K.

    Chianti K.

    Delucca got in touch with me and made it clear that they wanted to make up for the time mishap and I very much appreciate it! Love & respect customer service!

    UPDATE: I was very late for my makeup massage
    But Delucca was very nice to me & Eric was great! He stayed late & gave me a great massage!! Will see him again next month!
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Bianca Meroe
Bianca Meroe
5 out of 5 stars
6 months ago
I got a hot stone massage from Kimberly. She was Ah-May-Zing!!! She made me feel so relaxed and calm before and during my appointment. I will definitely be back.
Lindsey Casella
Lindsey Casella
5 out of 5 stars
1 year ago
Super cute, little place nestled right outside of DuPont. Ambience and staff were great. Would def recommend for those local to the area.
Kristi Viies
Kristi Viies
5 out of 5 stars
5 months ago
I have been visiting Eric for a sports massage a few times and he is a miracle worker! I had a muscle spasm in my neck so that I could not turn it properly without it suddenly causing a sharp pain, and Eric calmed my tight muscles and eased the pain from my neck spasm, and after 2 or 3 times I was back to normal. He is really knowledgeable and really worked on me, pulling my shoulder (but not aggressively as it might sound) and digging in, he gave me tips on exercises and stretches I should do - it was a physical therapy and a massage combo. I now have some sciatica pain and I'm expecting the same results. I absolutely trust and recommend him.
5 out of 5 stars
2 years ago
It’s perfect Massage experience after two weeks all day long busy traveling in US, I’m totally exhausted.but the staff John did a awesome and proper massage for me. I would be a repeater if I come to WDC